Hire Martha Wagner, a veteran wordsmith, to polish your writing

Editing — Proofreading — Writing

Need an experienced wordsmith to set a final, fresh pair of eyes on your website
content, your blog, press release, newsletter, catalog or grad school admissions essay?
Maybe you lack the confidence or time to make your project letter perfect. For more than
25 years, I’ve provided editing, proofreading and writing services, and have worked with
hundreds of clients on print and digital media projects.

What kinds of organizations consistently use my services?

  • Public relations and marketing agencies, colleges, catalog companies, graphic
    and web designers
  • Nonfiction authors and book designers (no fiction manuscripts, please!)
  • Magazines, websites, nonprofits and businesses that need to ensure their own
    content is letter perfect or they need a writer/editor to provide well-researched,
    clutter-free content for print and online audiences
  • Health practitioners and other health and wellness-related clients
  • Young people seeking guidance in writing grad school admissions essays

I am based in Portland and Corvallis, Oregon, but I can work with clients anywhere.
Please have a look around my website and then shoot me an email about your project
and what type of help you are seeking.

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